Wellcome !!



Hello dear friends !

My name is Athina and I live in one of the most beautiful places in Greece – Rethymnon , a sunny city in the island Crete . This region as  a whole is rich with ancient history, most notably through the Minoan civilisation .                  

                             Himallayan cats are my hobby and my passion!

They live with us as family members and they raise with love , care and freedom > we don’t keep them in cages .

My  goal is to breed healthy kittens, well- socialized and with quality and wonderful temperament.


I  breed only with PKD DNA negative cats ,

FeLV  and FIV - negative .


My  breeding program includes  some of the best  bloodlines,  such as  Sulltans , Sandypaws,  Purrpals, Mascado, ST. Jude,  Kishtwar,  Alomi ,  Oakheaven  and other well – known catteries. If you have any questions or  would like more information,

feel free to contact us .                         

               Thank you for visiting  my page !       

                             Athina & family .    



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